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I am different

No, I am not looking for getting laid like them. What I am looking for is that attraction, that chemical reaction between 2 people. Once the eyes catch each other, the hearts start beating fast, and we start getting nervous. I don’t mind how long the reaction will last, as long as it is beautiful during the process, and as long as it creates beautiful memories for us.

True friends aren’t about how long we know each other or how much time we spend together. It is always about the heart. It is heart that matters.

haven’t post a picture of me for a while

My Dark Knight Rises Review

Things that I think are great elements in Dark Knight Rises:

-Bane’s punches (Bane’s punches were fast and strong. I think I heard his punches when he was fighting Batman at the end)

-Miranda’s secret

-Alfred’s tears

-Catwoman’s charm

-The despaired face of Bruce Wayne under that mask of the Dark Knight.

-Gordon James: how his age was never a problem for him 

-The music for Bane—Deshi Basara

-The ending: The next hope of Gotham (as Blaine/Robin inherited Wayne’s Batman gears)

The ending was good. Many people might think that Batman needed to die at the end, just like Harvey Dent said “You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.”  After everything that happened, Batman will never be able to get out of his past, so people think the best for Batman is that he dies.

Batman did die. The batman, who once had another name called Bruce Wayne, did die. It was only  Bruce Wayne who continues living at the end.  Wayne is the person under the mask, but Batman was only the mask, a symbol.

Funny moments:

—The returning of Dr.Cane(Scary Crow) was funny. In the court, the sentenses he gives to the rich people and the authorities were “execution” or “exile”, but when Gordon James surprised him by picking execution, Cane had to say “execution by exile.” So pretty much, Cane only has one way to punish people xD. He was just pretending to be cool to make up two names.

—Remember the scene when Catwoman and Batman were fighting on the balcony? Then, Bane showed up and was walking toward them(as the Deshi Basara music was playing)?  I could see that Bane wanted to fight them so bad, but then he got pissed off when he saw Batman and Catwoman flew away. To me, that was really funny looking at how Bane reacted in that scene.

—You gotta love Catwoman. Remember how Batman always left other people before they finished what they wanted to say? Catwoman did exactly the same thing to Batman. Batman was like..”So that’s what it feels like.”

"flaws are beautiful too"

It is really simple to make my day. Just seeing someone smile already makes me happy :)

I am a story teller

I am not a person who knows about the history about music, but I can tell you that I am definitely someone who loves music. 

I do not play any instruments, but still, I know how to use music to love, love the people I love, and love the one I may or will love.

I use my voice to tell people who I am. I use my voice to tell my story.